janersm: Which is more important: a sense of humor or intelligence?

hm a bit of both. i’d say.. cause i don’t like it if you just can take all things absolutely serious.. so both..

posted on April 17th
Anonymous: feel free to ask me everything you want : psd download or where the actions you use in your edits? da follow back?

i’m using my own psds and i use no actions! :) and i’ll maybe follow you if i like your blog and when you’re posting about fsog, jamie dornan or dakota johnson :)

posted on April 17th

feel free to ask me everything you want

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Requested by lafeemorts

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can we please talk about jamie dornan’s arm veins
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Hello and welcome to my first follow forever! I recently reached a big goal, so I thought I celebrate it with listing you my favorite people and everyone else I met here.

But first, let me thank you for everything! I don’t have this blog for very long and yet in the course of a bit more than two months, I made more friends than in the last 4 years since I had my first tumblr. So thank you for the help, the requests, the talks, the love and everything else I’ve gotten from you all! ♥♥♥

And now, let’s move onto the people.


You are my closest friends on here and I can’t tell you how much I love you all!

Ailin ~ Ashley ~ Babs ~ Enid ~ Fer ~ Lucia ~ Olivia ~ Sabah


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Shameless self and not just self promo.

dailyshailenewoodley ~ booksofours ~ cxldasice ~ robpluskristen ~ reignhungary ~ my review blog


Shailene Woodley Network ~ Finnick’s Babes Network ~ The Cheekbone Network ~ Will Herondale Network

Thank you so much again for this beautiful time here, I love you all and imagine that I hugged you as Shailene would do!

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Info on “Flying Home” with Jamie Dornan.

From the official facebook page for “Flying Home” :

"We’re getting a lot of questions concerning the international release of Flying Home. At this time the film is only being released in Belgium (as of April 2nd). Flying Home will be presented at the upcoming Cannes Film Festival in May and we will keep you updated on this page about possible new territories and releases. Thank you all for your interest. We hope we can show the film in your country soon!"

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